You are here to choose a photographer. I MAY be your best choice. If you are looking to get some headshots, a family portrait or hire an event photographer, let me give you one big reason to hire me: I'm nice, and I'll put you at ease. 


I know--that skill might not be first skill that comes to mind when hiring a photographer, but I can tell you, from 17 years of experience as a photographer, and 30 years of experience working with models and directing photoshoots, it IS important. 


You see, attitude--and the right attitude--is the key ingredient to every great photo. Of course, the lighting has to be right, the background has to be right, the focus has to be right--but honestly, with today's cameras, lighting and accuracy are not incredibly hard to get. I'll make SURE all those elements are right--and the price as well--but making sure the subject is comfortable, in my mind, and in the images you see on my site, is the KEY to getting shots you will LOVE instead of shots you simply like. 


For some, being comfortable in a photoshoot is difficult. I understand. I grew up shy but learned how to overcome my shyness. I'll be completely respectful in our photoshoot and will make sure your smiles are natural, real, and show the goodness of what I'll be shooting for you. 


Whether your need great images for family, for LinkedIn or online dating--or anything else--I'll take care of all the details for you. I'll get there on time, set up before we need to start, take all the shots we need, show you what we are getting, and make sure to check in with you before I leave to make sure we got every shot we need to get. Guaranteed. 


I wil listen to your ideas, focus on the results you want, and can coach you to perfection. Let's create some amazing images together. 


If you have unique needs, contact us! 


We have been making customers happy since 2004. 


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An even better idea would be to call us now at 408-329-0452 to discuss your needs. On the call, you'll have a live demonstration on how we will put you at ease during your photoshoot.